Welcome to the 99p skill shop

You can think of it as a pound shop for learning (only cheaper -obviously).

Its designed to offer bite-size chunks of learning designed to develop the skills you need for life, studying and getting a job.

Each chunk of learning lasts between 2 and 6 minutes, and costs 99p to download. Each chunk is designed to help with up to three key concepts. They are organised into short courses of around 5 chunks, so look out for special offers for multiple downloads. Each group has a free introduction to download, which shows the style of that group of videos

You can view the videos on almost any device and hopefully access the shop in the same way.

Each video has a sound track, courtesy of a variety of open sources. If you prefer your own soundtrack, you can almost mute the videos and turn on your Tidal or Spotify play list – (other streaming services are available!)

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