Learning for life in the 99p skill shop

WELCOME TO THE 99PSKILLSHOP! You can think of the 99pskillshop as a pound shop for learning (only cheaper -obviously). 99pskillshop.com is designed to offer bite-size chunks of learning designed to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours you need for life, studying and getting a job.

The 99pskillshop.com has been developed by Professor Alan Gillies, with over 20 years’ experience of online and distance learning. Find out more about the 99pskillshop’s very own professor at alangillies.com with creative input from a younger generation.

Each training animation is built according to a learning model tailored to short chunks of learning delivered via your phone or tablet with opportunities for reflection and application to your own situation. Each film lasts around 2 minutes. Each 99pskillset is delivered through a course of around 5 films. Each course has a trailer and a FREE introduction, which shows the style of that group of videos. Each 99pskillset costs, yes you guessed it, 99p!

Ever wondered why employers think that you haven’t learnt what you need at work? or why your academic learning doesn’t help you in other aspects of life? Formal education emphasises knowledge and skills. Life and work demand the right attitudes and behaviours. Knowledge and skills may be taught. Attitudes and behaviours have to be learnt. They may require certain knowledge and skills but they are only a means to an end. These 99pskillsets are designed not just to develop your skills, but to challenge your attitudes and behaviours.

You can view the animations on almost any device. Each video has a sound track: if you prefer your own soundtrack, you can always mute the videos and turn on your Tidal or Spotify play list – (other streaming services are available!)

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signature - A C Gillies - expert in professional learning

Professor Alan Gillies – The 99p Skill Shopkeeper