The Five Freshers’ Week Faux pas

It’s now October which means that at most Universities, Freshers’ week will be done and dusted and students will be settling into the new semester. Although no two experiences of Freshers’ Week are the same, there are things that inevitably happen when throwing a group of late teens together in a student flat away from their parents for the first time. Add on top of that the excuse to drink consistently for an entire week, the start of the term was always going to bring with it some hazards, cue the Five Faux Pas of Freshers’ Week…

  1. Someone kisses someone living in the same flat as them. Sometimes this happens near the end of the week, maybe someone’s been flirting a bit over the first few nights, exchanged a few suggestive glances. No Fresher’s week experience is complete without some flat on flat incest. It won’t seem like too big a deal at first, but give it a few months and that mistake will come back to haunt them!
  2. Everyone gets ill. As much as the under 25s like to think themselves invincible, they’re actually not. A continuous period of late nights, heavy drinking, and poor sleep will eventually take its toll. Let’s face it it’s called Freshers’ flu for a reason.
  3. Someone doesn’t make it to the club. With pre-drinks being for some the best part of the night, it’s inevitable that some people over do it. Taxis arrive and someone is holding hair back while another person is fetching water. Call it group bonding.
  4. Takeaways become the staple part of everyone’s diet. Hangovers call for convenience foods, no one wants to be rustling up a homemade Spag Bol when Domino’s have been dropping special offers through your door all week.
  5. Very little studying actually gets done. Surprising I know but lecturers expect students to do a certain amount of reading etc. before they start the semester. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time for studying in between hangovers and nights out so very little is done. Thank goodness first year marks don’t count!

Now Freshers’ Week is over, start your term on the right foot with our selection of informative videos.

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