Beating the mid-term blues with 99p Skills

It’s hitting that point of the semester. It gets dark at about 4:30pm which makes the days feel shorter, Christmas is almost here but you can’t get excited because you’ve got so much to do before you can begin celebrations, and you’re running out of steam. If you were an iPhone you’d be on 2 per cent, unsure of when the battery might go completely.

Perhaps you’re being pressured to start your dissertation research and you have no idea where to start. We have a great video that should boost your confidence; it really is true – the worst part is getting started. Maybe you’re swamped with deadlines and assignments and you need a little help? We have tons of videos that should help keep those stresses at bay and keep you on track (if nothing else you can use them as procrastination!).

If you were an iPhone you’d be on 2 per cent, unsure of when the battery might go completely.

Maybe it’s general university stress; time is slipping away and you aren’t getting what you want done. Check out our videos on goal-setting and managing time for help on getting to where you want to be at the end of time. They can even help for non-academic plans, let’s face it, last-minute Christmas shopping is never fun!

Or maybe that group project isn’t going well and you’re struggling to work with others – we’re all guilty of liking things done our own way. Here at the 99p skill shop we’ve got you covered here.

Finally, you may be a final year student stressing about university life ending and the daunting prospect of entering the real world and getting a job. While no video can make job applications fun, we can make the process as easy as possible for you by ensuring you are as clued-up and prepared as possible. Just click here for assistance on everything from acing those interviews and creating a stand-out CV.

With our videos we can make that middle of the term plateau that little bit easier!


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